Imagine...You're sitting at work and a feeling of sickness overtakes your body.  It suddenly hits you and you know you're at the point where you can't read another part of the script someone else designed for you to read.

Lawrence "Law" Honoré, the voice behind the brand Ca$hing in Dreams, scribbled down a quote on a day like this. Create Your Own Foundation or Forever Live on the Plantation. This single quote would introduce him to the concept of divine faith and eventually led to the creation of this brand.  Law stepped out on faith and decided to cash in on a long time dream- to work for himself and say no to office politics and corporate glass ceilings. 

This was in January 2020.  Then enter the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, that shut down everything from schools to restaurants, to parks.  Law decided to take this time to CA$H IN on the idea to place his quote on t-shirts in order to motivate others to operate by faith and pursue entrepreneurship for long term financial success. Law stands on this brand and shares it on and off line daily.

Although, quitting your job may not be the answer for you right now, Law and his team want to push you to begin creating something that will leave a long lasting legacy for you and your family.  Write the book. Share your services. Develop the product. Start the Podcast. Whatever it is- There's gifts God gave you and greatness within you that will propel you to succeed.  We're here for you, bro. We're rooting for you, sis! Now go out there and create your own foundation!

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