Sanctuary Girl was birthed through a love for encouraging, affirming, and sharing the love of Christ to others. Every product that you see is a piece of our heart for the women we share this planet with. Our goal is to be and to send forth tangible sources of encouragement, inspiration, and light to every woman we encounter.

We are unapologetically lovers of God. Our goal is to relay a little of Him into the hearts of every woman that we encounter through Sanctuary Girl. The world needs more affirmation, more light, more love, more relationship, more conversation, and more understanding. The world needs more of Him. Our desire is to be a vessel for all of those things.

Our company mission statement sums it up:

We exist to empower, embolden, and equip women to share their faith and their story on a global scale with a company and a product line that stands behind them.

We are Sanctuary Girl.
Don’t just be inspired. Be the inspiration.

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